Our History

The Egyptian Koshary is a known worldwide Egyptian plate, every home in Egypt has its unique way of preparing it, although the ingredients don’t vary a lot. Sayed Hanafy could achieve the perfect recipe, appealing to every taste.
Sayed Hanafy restaurants chain is one of the most renowned authentic restaurant chain in Egypt. Started at 1952 from a Koshary cart, until the first branch was established in 1985, and that’s when Sayed Hanafy started its journey to spread everywhere in Cairo with 14 branches at your service.

Our dream is to conserve the traditions and authenticity of the Egyptian food, presenting the best koshary, tawajin, rice pudding, white pudding, and cream caramel plates, everywhere in Egypt.

Kitchen and Hygiene


We care about the health of our customers!

At Koshary Sayed Hanafy we promise the best quality, cleanliness and Hygiene; Starting with the sanitization of our branches, tables and culinary, to achieving the standards of health and safety in our kitchens, branches, packaging and delivery

We’re always ready to welcome you to our kitchens. Cleanliness, health and quality are our highest priority. Our kitchens are sanitized, and all the health and safety procedures are applied all the time. We use the freshest ingredients to make sure you always find at Koshary Sayed Hanafy the best taste and quality.

You’re always safe with Koshary Sayed Hanafy


We promise the best services.

Our staff is professionally trained, to provide the best service, in our kitchens, branches or orders delivery.

We’re all one big family at Koshary Sayed Hanafy, we always make sure that our customers receive premium services to guarantee their utmost satisfaction and happiness with us.


We can’t wait to welcome you to our branches all over Cairo, And we’re getting closer to you every day, to spread the best Koshary to every home in Egypt.

We’ll be waiting for you in our branches from 9 am to 12 am and we deliver until 2 am

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